Gambling is a subject that draws divided opinions. In present society, it is difficult to ignore the gambling market is a strong one. Whether you’re betting on your favorite team or visiting a free spins no deposit casino, one thing is true: the gambling industry holds enormous economic power. In fact, in some countries, the industry is a leading contributor to economic development. However, gambling is not for everyone.

Among the Samaritans, gambling is heavily frowned upon. Just like the Jews, the Samaritans believe that gamblers who do not have a source of income have no contribution to the development of society, and gambling is not a source of income. According to the Samaritans, each human being should contribute useful things to the world by seeking to earn an income. This is in line with their strong belief in giving rather than taking. Since gambling is based on taking rather than giving, it is at odds with what the Samaritans believe to be right.

Yes, a real gambler understands the importance of losing honorably. But how many such gamblers exist? Who feels okay seeing his money go? Since losers in gambling may not be willing to pass their cash to winners with a full heart, the Samaritans believe that the act of gambling is akin to theft. Of course, the loser does not expect to lose. Remember, handing over money with a good heart is highly regarded by the Samaritans. Additionally, the Samaritans perceive gambling as a pastime and a risky enterprise with the potential to cause addiction, which may cause people to abandon their responsibilities in the long run.

Bottom Line

For the Samaritans, gambling is an unacceptable practice. It makes people stake their income in the hope of winning big. Instead, they lose and surrender their money reluctantly. Gambling also wastes resources (time and money) which would otherwise be used to accomplish important tasks.