To date the Samaritans Way South West has taken 16 years to develop owing to the huge amount of footpath blockages that needed clearing before a guide book was produced.

Please see the News page to read about the background to this long distance walk and why it is not currently on the Ordnance Survey Maps.

The purpose of the walk was not only pleasure but also to help the rural community especially the small dairy farmers, with the plight of the industry, therefore all profits from the sale of the guide book go to

It was officially opened on 21 April 2004 by the Ramblers Vice Chairman, Samaritans Chief Executive and a farmer from Gloucestershire who headed the Farmers Helpline. In the same year it appeared on the Ordnance Survey maps supported and encouraged by all Local Authorities, National Parks and Area of Natural Beauty by giving their consent.


For the walker who may purchase up to date maps maybe confused to find it has been omitted at the request of Somerset County Council and Exmoor National Park. But it should be quite easy to follow from the book in conjunction with the website for up to date amendments.

I hope you will enjoy the walk and support

Graham Hoyle 2009